Welcome to Towle
March Calendar
2, 5 - Week 24

3 - 5 - County Science Fair

7 - Senior High Science Olympiad

9, 12 - Week 25

11 - Lab Group 1
- See Spring Lab Schedule

16, 19 - Week 26

16 - End 4/5 Writing, "Writer's Workshop 1"

17 - Mapping Night 7-9 p.m.

23, 26 - Week 27

25 - Lab Group 2
- See Spring Lab Schedule

30 - Week 28 (short week)

Important news!
REVISED! Monday, March 2, School is CLOSED. Teachers will email with further information.

It's time to consider if Towle might be a good fit for your family! For more information regarding the 2015-16 school year, please join us at our Open House, Monday, March 9, at 9 a.m. Towle welcomes students entering sixth grade through high school and their parents to attend.

Welcome to Towle Institute
Towle Institute exists to equip families with the expertise and resources necessary to provide students with a home based, Christ-centered education. Recognizing the spiritual, academic and social advantages of home education, Towle seeks to offer an alternative to traditional home education to broad range of families. The school and faculty provide complementary and supplementary academic assistance through weekly instruction and academic planning, but do not replace parents as primary educators.

An Alternative Home Education
Towle Institute is a non-traditional school for those families seeking to educate their children in their home environment. We are a private school, incorporated in Delaware, serving home-educated students from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We offer a full-course curriculum for grades six through twelve and provide oversight for siblings of families living in Delaware for kindergarten through fifth grade.

Our objective is to offer an integrated curriculum that addresses the individualís needs. Our purpose is to support the parent and child in their learning experience. We hope that by sharing our gifts and resources we can enhance the secondary educational experience of the home-educated student.

Towle offers a full range of academic activities supporting the studentís educational experience. Because home schooling is an individual experience, independent study for credit may be arranged.