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Other Middle School Courses:


English 6
This course introduces students to the foundational aspects of composition, research skills, poetry, and oral presentations.  Emphasis is placed on mastering basic grammar, punctuation and spelling; as well as weekly vocabulary assignments.  The Golden Goblet, portions of D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths, Aesop’s Fables, and a novel from the Chronicles of Narnia series will be read and discussed.

English 7
The course focuses on practical and creative writing as well as English grammar, punctuation, usage, and structure.  Students read several full novels such as The Door in the Wall, Ink on His Fingers and Tales of King Arthur.  Several lengthier writing projects required in addition to various one-page essays and compositions. 

English 8
This course focuses on both creative and academic writing, oral presentations, and the reading of   historical novels such as Johnny Tremain, Number the Stars, and The Cay. Short stories and a play will also be read during class time.  A fourth required reading book will be chosen in conjunction with the 8th grade history class.  Diagramming and weekly vocabulary are widely utilized.  A short research paper is required.