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If you have a student in the fourth or fifth grade, he/she might be interested in our 4/5 Science and Writing course.  The course will have two quarters of science lessons and two quarters of writer’s workshop.  These quarters will give your student a chance to have fun while learning both science and writing in a group setting.  Parents are invited to attend the first session of each quarter with their student.

4/5 Science:

This class is designed to give 4th and 5th graders a fun classroom learning experience.  These classes may include note taking, demonstrations, experiments, graphing, hands-on-activities, crafts, or games.  Typically the students receive take-home papers, but they are for optional enrichment only.  Parents have the discretion to determine whether the students complete those papers and/or do any additional work.  Papers are not turned in, nor do students receive any grades.

1st Quarter - Oceans and Bays (September 14-November 2)

Topics to be covered include ocean topography, salinity, temperature, tides, currents and sea life.  Experiments, learning games, and crafts will be part of each class.  Since we live near one of the largest estuaries in the world, emphasis will be placed on this unique and important environment.  A field trip to one of these areas will be included if there is enough interest.

2nd Quarter - Birds (November 16-January 25, 2016) [1,2,3]

Topics to be covered include bird anatomy, life cycle, habitat, migration.  Learning games and crafts will be part of each class.  Students will study bird classification and each will begin a personal list of bird sightings.  Emphasis will be placed on attracting and caring for backyard birds.  A field trip to a local "Birding" spot will be included if there is enough interest.

4/5 Writing:

3rd Quarter -Institute for Excellence in Writing at Towle (February 1- March 21) [4]

This class has been designed to help students learn to compose sentences that make sense, structure a paragraph, and organize an essay.  Using The Institute for Excellence in Writing's program Teaching Writing: Structure and Style Syllabus students will learn note taking and outlining, summarizing from notes, and report writing.   Students need to bring a three ring binder and a pencil to class.

4th Quarter - Making Your Own Books (April 4-May 23)

Using a combination of skills learned in Institute for Excellence in Writing at Towle and each student's own creativity, students will "publish" several books.  Each book will highlight either a historic time period or a unique culture.  The class will end with an "author's party" where students will share what they have written.  Institute for Excellence in Writing at Towle is a prerequisite for this class.

Classes are held at Pike Creek Bible Church on Mondays from 12:05 - 1:05.  The cost is $80 per quarter.  Register by calling Towle Institute at (302) 993-1408 or by registering by mail.

[1] Towle will observe Thanksgiving Break: November 23-27.
[2] Towle will observe Christmas Break: December 21-January 1.
[3] Please note: There is NOT a break between the last week of Science and the first week of Writing.
[4] Towle will observe Easter Break: March 25-April 1.